by Hazel Anne

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xavrico2017 Un sens envoutant, jusqu'à une évasion tribale, pas d'autre issue d'une écoute attentive Favorite track: Iles.
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Nasty party 04:37
They want to take me to a private party I don’t know anybody The place is far from here I don’t know why I agreed, I’ve got a bad feeling Under the face paint and eye catching outfits Is there anything sincere ? It is a masquerade, it is smoke and mirrors To let you think you’re okay To make you think you’re okay I should have known that It wasn’t a good idea, I should have turned back People seem to be freed, they have pretty faces But there’s a stench of death here I see them clearly as withering flowers Something is rotting Nasty party..
Kheops 04:02
Avoid the chaos, climb to the top of Kheops Sandstorms, dry fog, dust in the eyes Keep moving to the top in order to gain height You’ll have safety moments…. Put your hand on your forehead to get a visor If you look far you’ll see oasis and rivers From the top of khéops, do you see me looking for you ? Look around and see people who need some air just like you Everest, Fujiyama, Wall of china, Kilimanjaro, Eiffel tower, Empire state…..
Narcissus 04:52
Rejected lovers They got their revenge They cursed the one they’d loved They cursed Narcissus They forgot love cannot be forced If he could have find someone else to admire Someone else to desire He wouldn’t died by despair He wouldn’t be dead If he had learned to pretend Is it about pride ? Or is it innocence ? Be the mirror that Narcissus did not have Be the rose that Narcissus did not find Be the flesh that Narcissus did not touch Please be real , be real
Iles 03:29
Du feu du ventre de la Terre Arrive un réveil incendiaire Et dans l'océan, tout au fond Là où s'éteignent les sons, Fusion, fusion Le feu et l'eau en idylle Dans le secret des abysses Une respiration sous la terre Fait trembler les fonds de la mer Des montagnes en devenir Sont sur le point de surgir Hors de l'eau, hors de l'eau De l'eau émergent des îles, Des territoires en exil
Mon canapé m'a mangée et mon lit m'a engloutie Je suis devenue leur proie, calée dans leur estomac Et personne ne croit cette histoire indigeste Mais je suis de bonne foi, ce n'est pas un prétexte Je suis sortie indemne de leur gros abdomen J'ai bien failli y rester mais je me suis levée Et personne... Maintenant quand j'veux m'allonger je crains d'être leur dîner J'évite de m'affaler de peur d'être avalée
Trial 04:53
Maybe I have a scary face I don’t wanna be Judged on my appearance I want a trial A fair one Are you in my head ? Are you in my shoes ? Are you so sure That you can know the truth ? I want a trial And a fair one Because you know Nobody ‘s perfect, nobody’s impeccable And it doesn’t matter You shouldn’t care about that You should leave me alone Who’s pure enough ? Who’s sharp enough ? Come and tell me How I feel inside me
I made a promise No more sorrows I promised
Voodoo 05:06
I know what to do when you’re sad and lonely I know what to do when you love her only I know what to do when no-one needs you I know what to do you do voodoo , voodoo I know what to do when the world deceives you I know what to do when no one needs you I know what to do when your all heart breathe you I know what to do when your lover leaves you : voodoo Dance in a ring of flame Shadows fall the same Fire, love and pain Do voodoo, voodoo


Paroles et musique : Anne Marteau
sauf Voodoo (Chris Isaak).

Beatmaker sur Nasty party (tempo modifié par Anne) et Kheops : Gabriel Hays.
Batteur sur Narcissus : Benoît Daout aka Mr Daewoo.

Enregistré, mixé, masterisé par Anne.

Artwork et illustration : Chloé Rivière


released February 4, 2020

Merci à Mat Cotton, Olivier Triboulet et Gwladys.
Merci à Maud pour le grand air.
Merci à Marie et Chloé qui m'apaisent quand je monte dans les tours.


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Hazel Anne Rennes, France

Solo girl with looper and a GT 5.

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